Welcome to Scorpio Electronics

Thermal Imaging Camera Hire

We have available a Fluke Ti25 Thermal Imaging camera for hire with a trained operator for just £50 per hour.

Use it for fault finding plumbing/heating installations, electrical installation preventative maintenance and building heat loss measurement.

We cover postcode areas PE30 to PE38 inclusive. Please call 07768 624062 if you would like us to cover a location that’s not within our catchment area.

Electronic Programming Services

We have experience in the PICAXE programming system and designing and building small interface and control circuits.

We also have experience in the SIEMENS LOGO industrial Programmable Logic Controller.

We can reset and reprogram the EMS in the REVA G-WIZ electric car.

Motorcycle Digital Speedometer

Scorpio Electronics specialize in the repair of your faulty motorcycle speedo and rev counter.

We can also program and calibrate your Motorcycle Digital Speedometer / Odometer to read from KPH to MPH. Mileage calibration and correction service also available.

Car Digital Dashboards

Scorpio Electronics can program and calibrate your Digital Dashboard Speedometer to read the correct mileage.

Car Digital Radio Decoding

Scorpio Electronics can decode your car radio and program a new code. Repairs of all makes and models. Postal service available.